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Finance Application
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Permission to Perform Credit Check

Acknowledgment of and consent to disclosure of credit information to a credit reporting agency.

I/we acknowledge that the Privacy Act allows Best Equipment Finance Pty Ltd (introducer) to give a credit reporting agency certain personal information about my/our application for finance including, but not limited to:

  1. Such permitted particulars about me/us which allow me/us to be identified.
  2. The fact that I/we have offered to act as a guarantor of a loan. I/We authorise such disclosure to a credit reporting agency.
Authority for the approached credit provider to obtain, give and exchange certain credit information.

I/We agree that if it is considered relevant in assessing my/our application for personal or commercial credit or as guarantor of credit the approached credit provider may obtain respectively a report on my/our commercial credit worthiness from a commercial credit reporting agency or a report on my/our personal credit worthiness from a credit reporting agency. I/we agree Best Equipment Finance Pty Ltd (introducer) may give to and/or seek from the approached credit provider, information about:

  1. me/us in connection with our application for finance, its processing, acceptance and the subsequent management of finance provided.
  2. whether my/our application for finance has been approved or declined.
  3. the amount required to be paid to a nominated credit provider to discharge my/our credit indebtedness to them from time to time.
  4. my/our credit report held by any credit providers named in my finance application in relation to an application for credit or finance.
  5. previous / existing consumer / commercial credit information held by any credit reporting agency in relation to me/us.

I/we agree that Best Equipment Finance Pty Ltd (introducer) may give and receive information from my/our accountants

I confirm that the above information is true and correct and I accept the authorisations and agreements as set out above



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